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From The Read Coming Soon

We first gave you notice about The Read (pronounced "Red") back in 2007, after we were blown away at their brand of in your face punk rock, and at the fact that they were thereaddoing it so well at such a young age. Well, the guys are back, a tad bit older and a tad bit more known here in the Cincinnati area with a new release. The release is coming from local label Phratry Records, which is home to several local bands of note including Knife The Symphony, and Caterpillar Tracks.

And the release is a very cool 7? single that you will be able to snag later this month. I know you want the new tunes, so stream one of them below right now and pre-order the 7? in the Phratry store. Or, catch the band live, all dates after the jump.

Just Like The Fambly Cat

I always was a big fan of Grandaddy and was sad when the band called it quits back in 2006 after their last album, Just Like The Fambly Cat. But if you dug deep enough, you know that Grandaddy was always the brainchild of frontman Jason Lytle and I think all of us knew he would be back at some point in some way.

Well it turns out that Jason is back, with his first solo album, Yours Truly, The Commuter and if you liked Grandaddy, you are gonna be all over this album as well. I have already heard from some after hearing the song below that it might as well be a new Grandaddy tune, and it is hard to disagree. Get your first taste of the new album below with the song "Brand New Sun."